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Article & Interview by Delicious

Take breakfast time to new heights with this superfood.

Once the object of hippies, it’s safe to say that hemp is now hip. The plant, most commonly associated with cannabis, has long been cultivated for industrial use but will soon be legalised in Australia for human consumption come mid-November.
And those looking for their new superfood fix need not wait long, Melbourne-based health food brand The Wild are putting the final touches on an Australian first – Hempnola, a hemp-based cereal that’s set to hit shelves come November.
Long known for its nutritional benefits – the seeds contain high levels of omega-3 and -6 fats, fibre, GLA and a number of minerals – are not without their fans. Gwyneth Paltrow, Lara Bingle and even Oprah are reported to be devoted hemp seed advocates. So in preparation for the ensuring hemp wave about to hit Australia, we sat down with the co-founds of The Wild about their new Hempnola.
How did the creation of Hempnola come about?
Romana: “I heard about the legalising of hemp through one of our customers, Moses and Co. in the South Melbourne Market, and we got really excited and thought it would be a great idea to incorporate hemp into a blend….especially because of the nutritional benefits of the seed!”
Mel: “We spent an afternoon in our kitchen playing around with hemp seeds and other superfood ingredients. We were both pretty chuffed when we tasted the winning blend. Now it’s my new food obsession.”
What are the nutritional benefits of Hempnola?
Mel:  “Every ingredient we use in Hempnola has its own health benefits – from antioxidant-rich goji berries to raw activated buckwheat which is collagen producing for smooth skin, to protein rich hemp seeds that are also high in omega-3 and -6. And the blend itself is gluten free, vegan and with no added sugar.”
Romana: “The quality of protein in the hemp seeds is amazing. Hemp is the only plant to make the protein edestin, which is very digestible and is used by our cells to correct and repair themselves.”
What is it about the cereal that you love?
Mel: “The crunchiness of the buckwheat clusters against the softness of the puffed buckwheat does it for me. It’s the contrast of the two textures that does it for me!
Romana: I love that it’s a staple, you could eat this blend day in and day out and not get sick of it, so it’s a house hold must. Kind of like hummus in my house.”
What’s the best way to enjoy Hempnola?
Mel: “Drizzle milk over it and add some yoghurt and fruit. Honestly, it’s even delicious on its own. The only problem is that you’ll have to wait until mid-November to sink your teeth into it.”
 Romana: “I pop it in a bowl, pour coconut and almond milk over it and add some blueberries and strawberries – so simple and so yum!”
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