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Wellness Clubbing is kind of an oxymoron. Wellness: a holistic approach to achieving a healthy body and mind. Clubbing: 500+ sweaty strangers in a dark room drinking overpriced, poorly made drinks in plastic cups to give them the confidence to dance awkwardly until the wee hours of the morning. Hmmm…..


So it’s a bit difficult to know what to expect at your first Wellness Clubbing experience. When Boutique gym Bodhi and Ride set up an event in Bond Melbourne for a lunchtime in July, tickets sold out, with people eager to see what it was all about. Think a spinning class in a dance club and you can sort of start to picture it.


Wellness Clubbing captures party energy and directs it towards exercise instead of bumping and grinding. It has all the good elements of a massive club night (music, lights and an MC yelling at you to put your hands up), without the bad parts. The people are still sweaty, but they aren’t drunk or trying to push up against you unsolicited. You can actually go straight to work afterwards and there is none of the guilt associated with a big night out (oh my god I drank so much/spent too much money/ate so much crap/wasted all my Sunday.)


Wellness Clubbing is pitched at those who used to love partying at clubs and dance festivals but now feel too old and sober in the same venues. Those people with kids at home, who are usually in bed by the time clubs start filling up and haven’t done a shot of tequila since they stopped getting asked for ID at every bar. It feels the need perfectly for those who love the party atmosphere, but can’t hack the actual party anymore.


New movements like this are always a positive for the Melbourne fitness scene. Doing something new keeps exercise interesting and people motivated. It’s an exciting new way to work out AND it keeps clubs free of dorky old kids trying to re-live their youth.

Words by Larissa West for The Wild

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