Vanilla + Chia Porridge, 360 grams

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  • Vanilla + Chia Porridge, 360 grams
  • Vanilla + Chia Porridge, 360 grams
  • Vanilla + Chia Porridge, 360 grams
Single hot coconut seeks gluten free quinoa flakes, for breakfast in bed + steamy porridge mornings.
Vanilla Splice; cleanses the heart + boosts brain function;

Pure wholegrain brown rice, quinoa, amaranth + millet sautéed in a creamy vanilla + coconut spliced fusion; sprinkled with a wholesome serving of pure chia seeds - to chia you up alright!

= Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, No Added Sugar, Fruit Free, Low GI.

The Wild Effect.
Morning Glory. Vanilla bean is a natural aphrodisiac; it reduces stress, anxiety + helps aid weight loss.
Let's face it. Chia seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids to reduce wrinkles + plump up your skin.
All day + night. Brown rice stabilises blood sugar levels + protects your heart, while helping to prevent cancer + kidney stones.

Eat it.
Heat on stove-top with two times water or nut milk until warm. Serve with fresh or poached fruit, yoghurt, raw honey or maple syrup. Sprinkle with The Wild Muesli, Crumble or Granola.
For recipe ideas see video below or visit The Wild Blog > get wild in the kitchen.

Vanilla + Chia Porridge Ingredients; *Wholegrain Brown Rice Flakes, *Shredded Coconut, *Chia Seeds, *Quinoa Flakes, *Amaranth Flakes, *Millet Flakes, *Cinnamon, Pure Vanilla Extract. 
*Certified Organic Ingredient

For the complete list of beauty + health enhancing 'side effects' of all ingredients used by The Wild, check out these wild things.

Handmade in Melbourne.
Australian made + owned.
Made in a kitchen that handles nuts.
Store in cool, dark place. See 'Storage' for more information

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